tools TOOLS

The Club encourages members to work on their cars and learn how to make repairs. These tools have been purchased with Club money are available to all club members.
If you have questions about how to use any of these tools, please ask for help. Members will be glad to help.

Brake Lining Rivet Tool
Rear Hub Puller
Pinion Bearing Nut Wrench
Rear Spring Spreader
Camshaft Nut Wrench
Front Brake Shaft Ream (.559)
Front Spindle Ream (king ping-.814)
Steering sector Ream (1.125)
Pedal Shaft Bushing Ream (.874)
Rear Brake Camshaft Ream (.688)
Distributor Shaft Ream (.500) Valve Guide Tool
Axle Seal Drive Tool
Front Spring Spreader
Ratchet Nut Wrench
Shifter Spring Tool
Fly Wheel Gauge
Light Switch Spider C-clip Insertion Tool
Infra-red Temperature Measuring Tool
Carburetor Extra Long Socket
Carburetor Jet Tap
Carburetor Float Gauge
Brake Centering Tool
Engine Lift (Cherry Picker)
Wheel Balancer
Steering Wheel Puller
Door Hinge Pin Remover
Heavy Duty Gas Gauge Tool
Engine No. Stamping Set (Larry has)
Ignition Spark Tester
Ignition Voltage Tester
Front-end Toe-in Tool
1-112" Spud Wrench
Engine Stand Adapter
Bushing Remover
Piston Ring Grove Cleaner
Cowl Light Locating Punch
Mechanics Stethoscope
4 Jack stands
Tire Changing tool

NEW - 2017

Head Puller
Frame Spreader
Universal Hub Puller
Transmission Tower Tool
Compression Tester
Brake Shoe Tool
Broken Head Stud Removal Tool
Stud Removal Tool Set